Your Business Called

It Wants a BFF and needs a Fractional CXO!

Pardon Our Pixels

A Little Behind-the-Scenes Magic in Progress

As we sprinkle some digital fairy dust to make this space as vibrant and informative as possible, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on discovering how we can elevate your business together. Yes, the website is getting a makeover, but my dedication to helping you succeed is as steadfast as ever.

You’re in the Right Place

If you’re juggling the dream of a thriving business with the joy of living life to the fullest, you’ve found your haven. I understand the drive to excel in business while cherishing every moment with family, friends, and self-care. You’re an entrepreneur who wants it all – a profitable business, memorable experiences, and the satisfaction of showing up in excellence in every role you play. Here, we make that balance possible.


Meet Your Business Fixer – Twanna

In the world of business, consider me your go-to problem solver and growth catalyst. With the savvy of a strategist and the insight of a tech expert, I’m here to navigate you through the complexities of entrepreneurship. Think of me as the person who brings calm to chaos, clarity to confusion, and success to your challenges – all while ensuring you enjoy the journey and maintain balance. Let’s build something phenomenal, together.

My Expertise: Your Path to Success

As your partner in growth, I bring a diverse set of skills to the table. Here’s how I empower you and your business

  • Strategic Planning: Together, we’ll transform plans into actionable, results-driven strategies. I’m hands-on in guiding you through every decision, ensuring your business sails smoothly towards success.
  • Operational Process Optimization: Streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency is my jam. Let’s make every part of your day-to-day a well-oiled machine.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: We’ll craft incredible customer journeys together, ensuring every interaction turns clients into loyal fans.
  • Project Management and Implementation: Leading your projects to align perfectly with your vision, I ensure flawless execution from start to finish.
  • Sales Funnel Creation and Optimization: From designing to refining, I ensure your sales funnels effectively turn leads into dedicated customers.
  • Website Development and Optimization: Expect more than just a stunning website. I create online platforms that are powerful tools for your business growth.

Why Work with Me?

Why choose me as your business sidekick? Because I bring the perfect blend of knowledgeable advice, tech wizardry, and a friendly, approachable vibe. I’m all about making your business journey feel like a chat with your smartest friend – productive, insightful, and always enjoyable.

Services at a Glance

Your Business, Supercharged: My Services Explained

Welcome to a world where your business gets the VIP treatment it deserves. Each of my services is designed with your success in mind, blending in-depth strategy, hands-on tech expertise, and a personal touch that makes all the difference. From deep-diving into strategic planning to fine-tuning your operational processes, or even stepping in as your Fractional CXO – it’s all about creating a tailored experience that propels your business forward. Curious about how we can collaborate to elevate your business? Here’s a glimpse of what I offer:

Pick My Brain Sessions

Got an hour and a dream? Let’s untangle those business ideas. It’s your quick fix to clarity and progress.

VIP Strategy Sessions

Dive deep into strategic planning tailored just for you. It’s about getting clear, getting focused, and getting moving.

Fractional CIO Service

Need a tech-savvy strategist on your team? As your Fractional CIO, I’m here to elevate your business game

Schedule a Creative Chat with Me

Why wait for the grand reveal when you can get the inside scoop right now? If you’re curious about how a Fractional CIO and Business BFF can revolutionize your business, let’s dive into a conversation. From streamlining your tech to strategizing your next big win, I’m all ears and full of ideas just for you.

Your Invitation to a Sneak Peek into Success

Consider this your personal invite to bypass the “Under Construction” sign and get straight to the heart of what I can offer. Our chat could be the spark that ignites your business transformation, focusing on making every aspect of your operation smoother and more efficient. Let’s not let a little digital dust delay our meeting.

Let’s connect & Unravel Ideas together