I’m Ready!

Bringing the Business BFF Vibe to Your Stage

Welcome to a speaking experience that’s as engaging as a heart-to-heart with your bestie, yet packed with the strategic smarts of a seasoned business expert. I’m Twanna, your Business Fixer and Business BFF, here to transform your event into an enlightening, enjoyable, and empowering journey.


Where Insight Sparks Inspiration

Imagine a session where business wisdom is shared not through lectures but through relatable stories, practical advice, and a touch of humor that feels like a conversation with a trusted friend. It’s about connecting, laughing, and learning all at once.

Why My Speaking Sessions Stand Out:

Friendly, Approachable, and Insightful

I bring the warmth of a BFF to the stage, making complex concepts feel like friendly advice.

Engaging Stories, Real-Life Lessons

My talks are filled with personal anecdotes and hands-on experiences that resonate and inspire.

Practical Strategies with a Personal Touch

Every piece of advice is tailored to be as actionable as it is authentic.

Engaging Topics Tailored for You

From Dream to Done:

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook

Dive into the real, relatable journey of turning dreams into successful ventures. Expect laughter, ‘aha’ moments, and plenty of practical takeaways.

Crafting a Business You Adore:

Passion, Pragmatism, and ProfiT

Discover the secret recipe for a business that fills both your heart and your bank account. It’s about loving what you do and doing it brilliantly.

Project Management Unplugged:

Startup Success Stories

Get real about what works (and what doesn’t) in managing projects in the startup world. It’s like getting the inside scoop from a friend in the know.


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and Let’s Make Magic Happen

  • I’m all about making genuine connections – expect a session that’s as memorable as it is insightful.
  • From the heart of a Business BFF to the mind of a Business Fixer, I bring a blend of empathy and expertise to your event.
  • Say goodbye to the same old seminars; let’s bring a new, friendlier vibe to business speaking.

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Ready for a speaking session that feels like a catch-up with an old friend, yet leaves your audience inspired and equipped to tackle their business challenges? Let’s chat about how we can make your event a standout success.