Coaches are not responsible for your results. Through coaching sessions, they help you to outline where you are and where you want to go. They are great with helping you to refine your vision but typically it’s still from a generalist perspective.

Strategists, however, are results-driven. Given your goals (oftentimes created with your coach), it’s their job to think through what tasks and resources are needed to help you accomplish them.

So, the answer is – most likely BOTH.

We all need someone who helps us to see where we are and what is possible for our future. We need someone to bounce ideas off of, to help us shape our dreams. But once that is done, we have to understand that is NOT the end of the process but really where the work begins. Once we know what we want to do, we need someone on our team that helps us develop the plan to actually get things done. That is where your strategist comes in. Or I should reword that to say, that’s where THIS strategist comes is. It’s my job to look past the sunshine and rainbows of what could be and get down the facts of what is and what you need to make things become a reality.

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