While it hard to believe, there is still a good group of potential customers that are not on social media. I know that’s the first place we go – we do something amazing and post it to share instantly. And you figure it’s there for people to see later once they’ve discovered your brand of awesomeness.  And if they don’t follow you on social media, you are sure if you direct them to your company website; it would be the perfect place to showcase your work.


But consider this, what if your potential client doesn’t want to scroll through pages upon pages or posts upon posts to look at your amazing work. If they aren’t tech savvy this could be a bit intimidating and overwhelming.


So what’s the solution?  Look books!  Consider them to be a catalog of looks or merchandise.  And they are great tools to showcase new products. For instance, if you are a make-up artist, why not have look books that are devoted to different styles such as bridal, professional headshots or even red carpet looks you’ve done.  Or if you have a tee-shirt or jewelry business, why not create a place that highlights your new merchandise for the upcoming season.  You could even provide these books to other businesses you would like to partner with so it’s easier for them to see how your products are complementary to what they are currently offering.


Canva and PowerPoint are great DIY tools to help you get started in creating this new addition to your marketing materials. They can be used in a variety of ways:


  • Have downloadable versions on your website.
  • Send downloadable versions to your email list (I love getting them from clothing boutiques so I can see the new style for the season and think of ways to update my wardrobe accordingly).
  • Have printed versions available when presented with vending opportunities where you may not have all of your offering on display.
  • Provide printed versions to event swag bags.



Look books should be updated on a fairly regular basis but I also think it’s a good idea to at least keep downloadable versions of past books handy so you can always reference past work for clients if they ask.  The goal to making money is being accessible to all clients and meeting them where they are.


As Your Next Big Move Catalyst, Twanna has worked as THE Business & Project Strategist for Empress Business Solutions. For more than 5 years, she’s worked exclusively with solopreneurs to start and grow their businesses.  For more tips on how to stay more productive and motivated in business, please sign up for our newsletter.

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